Commission Prices

STARTING PRICES can be found bellow.          ***All Prices are in USD***

All prices are beginning points and allow up to three color. Please contact us with a reference sheet for accurate quotes and questions.



Foam base : Please contact

3D printed and resin cast : $1200

*Foam basses and resin basses are

bought from popular creators such as :

   Dream vision creations or stuffed panda. 

* All 3D prints are from Fuzzbut Fursuits

(All Partials include; Head, paws w/plush pads 

and tail.)

* Feet paws are not included in partials

suits. If you would like to add feet paws to your partial, please make sure you ask, feet paws start at $400


Partial resin/3d print toony :$1800

Foam base : Please contact


Full suit Plantigrade : $2500 

Full suit Digigrade : $3000  

Body suit commissions and other pieces may be taken into consideration on a case per case basis such as tails, paws, feet paws, etc.

*Staring price for body suit only is $1500

* feet paws must be shipped to Novafur with a DTD (duck tape dummy) for bodysuit only commissions.


*should the DTD not be made properly it can and will be asked to be remade and shipped again at your cost! this can cause for delays in your production time!!!*

PLEASE REMEMBER these are starting prices for simple design suits. any heavy markings, complex marking, more than 3+ colors can change and add to the pricing.

Please Note!!!


Quotes are only valid for 6 months time. If you get a quote and do not commission in that time frame, your quote will need to be redone and prices can change.

Quotes may change over time due to inflation of material costs, rarity of fur, etc. 


Thank you ~ NovaFur

Updated Notice

Due to the rising costs for raw materials used in fursuit making. The over head costs have become increasingly higher. All Quote issued before NOVEMBER 1st 2021 that have not been paid or accepted are now void.


Sadly Novafur has had to raise their prices to meet the inflation and cost of production. 


Thank you for understanding.  

Please note

as per the terms of service, at this time NOVA Fur is a part time hobby style business, all payments are to be made with a secure payment platform, such as PayPal, where fees and taxes are pre-built into our costs.

As apart time hobby style business, times for completion may vary with current day job, work load and therefore quoted time frames for completion may vary and can potentially be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. These occurrences, though frustrating will ALWAYS be clearly and quickly communicated to clients!

Thank you